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Scissor Lift-Based Hoist (Hoist-All): U.S. Patent No. 10,000,368

There is a huge gap between when a product leaves the factory and it arrives at your home or office. That gap is known as the “supply chain” and in a robust economy – such as the one we now enjoy – warehousing and shipping products smoothly and efficiently through the supply chain is critical to competitiveness, cost control and world-class customer service. A special challenge is moving goods and equipment into, and around in, and out of, a smaller warehouse that is running at capacity – as many smaller warehouses are today.

This patent provides a solution to lifting heavy items without having to make a significant investment in new equipment. It enables items to be lifted and moved in a cramped space, to be lifted both economically and safely, and to be lifted with just one employee instead of two or three. The invention covered by this patent creates a hoist that works with a scissor lift to create a durable, flexible, reliable, transportable, compact, safe and economical hoisting system. U.S. Patent No. 10,000,368 for a “Hoist system for retrofitting small scissor lift to access enclosed areas in building structure” would be a critical acquisition for any material handling equipment manufacturer looking to create and own a new product category.

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