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License Patents: Leverage Your TechnologyLicense Patent

One way to monetize your patent or patent portfolio is to license it. Understand, however, that there are two ways to license a patent. If your patent is being used without your permission, that is patent infringement, so you can assertively license your patent. In effect, you can enforce your patent, and that may involve litigation. If you believe that your patent has been infringed, IPOfferings can refer you to our patent enforcement affiliate, and that company can assertively license your patent on a contingency basis.

If a company is not using your patent, but it make sense for that business to take advantage of the technology your patent offers, you may then want to non-assertively license your patent or patents to the company. IPOfferings represents patent owners that want to license their patents, and we use a similar approach to the strategy used to License Patentssell patent(s). After studying the patent to determine its applications in industry, we identify specific prospective licensees, put together a marketing package for the patent that promotes its applications and technology, and present the package to pre-qualified prospects. And, of course, we assist in negotiating the license, and address any due diligence issues.

If your patent has already been licensed to at least one licensee, IPOfferings can help license it to additional companies and different entities. However, if your patent has NOT been licensed, we will analyze the patent for you – often at no cost or obligation on your part – to determine if an outright sale of your patent might generate a better return than granting a license or several licenses. After reviewing our analysis, the final decision to license or sell your patent is, of course, yours.

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