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As publishers of the Patent Value Quotient – the only report available anywhere that documents what patents are actually selling for – and as the leading patent brokerage firm, no company knows more about patent value than IPOfferings! As a result, IPOfferings provides not just one, but three, patent valuation services.

The value of a patent is a function of at least these ten factors:

  1. What other patents in similar or related technologies or industries have sold for.
  2. Documented Evidence-of-Use for the patent.
  3. Patent Valuation
  4. The patent’s Priority Date and how long the patent has to run.
  5. How many reverse and forward citations the patent has.
  6. What foreign patents, other U.S. patents, and applications and/or continuations are included in the patent family.
  7. The legal strength of the patent.
  8. The market dynamics of the patent.
  9. The technical dynamics of the patent.
  10. The litigation dynamics of the patent.
  11. The number of other similar patents that have been granted and are current.

IPOfferings provides three patent valuation services. Each is the collaboration of a patent researcher, patent licensing professional and a senior patent broker.

Basic Patent Valuation: This service provides a current market valuation (low and high values) by reporting and taking into account these metrics…

Enhanced Patent Valuation: This service includes all the elements in the Basic Patent Valuation plus…patent value

Comprehensive Patent Valuation: This is a detailed, in-depth analysis that includes all of the elements in the Basic Patent Valuation and the Enhanced Patent Valuation plus…

As a special bonus feature when you order a Comprehensive Patent Valuation, we will include recommendations to increase the value of the portfolio.

For additional information, please download our Patent Valuation Services Data Sheet.

To learn how to increase the value of your patent or patents, order Three Steps to Increasing the Value of Your Patent(s).

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