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Patent Brokerage and Patent Brokers

Patent brokerage is the selling, licensing or other monetization of a patent by an agent who represents the patent owner. Patent brokerage is a complex process that requires identifying specific applications for the invention covered by a patent, then matching those applications with prospects who are most likely to acquire or license that patent.

Most patent brokers use the same patent brokerage business model. They make cold calls. They agree to represent your patent or portfolio, they develop a list of likely buyers or licensees, and they contact those prospects one by one. By telephone, by email, by regular mail, even via fax. And they keep making cold calls until they receive an offer or they run out of prospects.

IPOfferings is the ONLY patent broker to operate on a totally different and unique patent brokerage business model. ONLY IPOfferings develops, designs and implements a comprehensive marketing campaign for each patent or portfolio we represent. The other patent brokers may claim that they put together a “marketing program” or a “marketing plan” for the patents they represent, but they really just make sales calls. There is no genuine marketing involved in the process. Cold calling is the extent of the patent brokerage services that all the other brokers offer.

❖ Comprehensive Marketing Campaign: IPOfferings is the ONLY patent brokerage firm to actually use proven marketing concepts to promote and sell the patents and portfolios we represent. ONLY IPOfferings implements a marketing campaign that puts our clients’ patents in front of tens of thousands of prospects! There are five key elements to the marketing campaigns we develop, design and execute for our clients.

Once we’ve executed our unique marketing campaign for a client we’ve often received numerous inquiries, a handful of serious prospects, and a few offers. And we are able to close a deal and monetize our client’s patent(s) without ever making a single out-bound sales call.

❖ Comprehensive Sales Campaign: However, if our marketing program does not generate sufficient offers, we then turn to what every other patent broker does. We generate a prospect list, and take the patent or portfolio to prospective buyers or licensees. Our years of experience have taught us who the key decision makers are at a business when it comes to acquiring a patent. In many cases, we already know this person. If we do not, we have proprietary technology that enables us to quickly identify and reach exactly the right people. And, because of our excellent reputation and high profile in the IP community, we are able to get the properties we represent in front of buyers and licensees that other patent brokers never get to talk to! Additionally, we send out to prospects what is clearly a superior marketing piece. Our goal is develop multiple buyers or licensees, creating a bidding war for your patent or portfolio!

By spreading the widest possible net using proven marketing techniques, IPOfferings is able to put our clients’ patents in front of thousand more prospects than any other patent brokers could ever reach by just making cold calls. In fact, we often receive inquiries that develop into prospects that develop into buyers or licensees from companies we did not know existed, and no broker would have ever cold called!

You will have one chance to sell or license your patent or patent portfolio. The patent broker you select will definitely make a difference.

For some clients, IPOfferings works on a 100% contingency basis. If we have a very high level of confidence that we can successfully monetize our client's patent or patent portfolio, we will cover all marketing and out-of-pocket expenses ourselves. The client pays nothing. IPOfferings takes all the risks and covers all costs, and we are paid a Success Fee based on the revenue we generate for our client. If we do not have the highest level of confidence, but we still believe we can successfully monetize a client's IP assets, we then work on a partial contingency basis. We charge the client for our direct, out-of-pocket marketing costs, but we still put forth our best efforts to monetize the patent or portfolio on behalf of our client, and we are still incentified to monetize the patent or portfolio because our only income comes from a Success Fee that is based on the revenue we generate for our client. In the case of a partial contingency brokerage campaign, the marketing costs paid by the client are credited back to the client from the Success Fee.

If we do not believe that we can successfully monetize a patent or portfolio, we will let the patentee know that we have decided to decline to take on the patent or portfolio as a brokerage project. If requested, we will refer the patentee to other firms that may be help to assist.

The next step is to contact us at [email protected] or 845-337-6911. Be sure to download our Patent Brokerage Services data sheet.