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Sell Patents: Monetize Your Intellectual Property

To sell a patent is a challenge and a task best left to the experts. A patent is unique in two ways: It only has value to the buyer who needs the specific technology it offers; and unlike almost any other acquisition – from a suit to an office suite – it cannot be altered or modified to meet the needs of the buyer. You can only sell a patent to a business or other entity that needs exactly what the patent has to offer. Trying to sell a patent is the classic needle-in-a-haystack challenge. And the challenge is identifying prospective buyers for the patent!

IPOfferings represents patent owners that want to sell patents on a contingency basis. We relieve you of BOTH the challenge of identifying who the prospects buyers are that might want to buy patent(s) from you, AND we develop a patent marketing plan for the patent or patent portfolio. For the patent owner seeking to sell a patent, IPOfferings offers a comprehensive package of services, and we are paid based on the results we produce for you, the patent owner.

IPOfferings will thoroughly analyze the patent you want to sell, then design and construct a marketing package for that patent that includes illustrative evidence-of-use charts, if appropriate. IPOfferings will also develop a prospect list of companies or other entities that have a need for the technology covered by the patent you wish to sell – and can afford to pay a fair market value for the patent you want to sell.

We then take the patent to market, presenting the marketing package we developed to pre-screened, pre-qualified prospective buyers. We follow through with all prospective purchasers, sometimes receiving multiple offers for the patent we are selling and creating a bidding war. We follow through, consulting with the patent owner throughout the process, until we consummate a sale.

IPOfferings usually works on a contingency basis. We often take no fees on the front end, but are paid an agreed-to share of the revenue we generate for the patent owner. To have your patent or patents considered by IPOfferings for sale, licensing or other monetization by us, send an e-mail to [email protected] and include the following information:

We cannot consider represent you in the monetization of your patent(s) without this information. If the intellectual property you want to monetize is not issued U.S. Patents, then provide a detailed description of what your IP consists of.

For additional information, please download our Patent Brokerage Services Data Sheet.