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Many businesses own patents and other intellectual property that are not being recorded as intellectual assets

Patents are a special asset class, and because of the way they come into existence, they often do not appear on the Balance Sheet

IPOfferings represents patent application for cotton gauze, biodegradable grocery bag – replacement for both plastic and paper

Is It Time for R&D 2.0? addresses out-of-the-box concept for developing new products and product enhancements

What to do if your patent has been infringed, and the decision you must make, are included in an article in Industry Era Review

Article detailing a new approach to traditional research and development appears in New World Report

International business-technology-media-culture publication covers acquisition of AI patent portfolio by Storyfile

Provider of curated business information details Storyfile’s acquisition of U.S. Patent Nos. 9,582,762 and 10,579,921

Datanami covers acquisition of AI portfolio by Storyfile, a deal that was brokered by IPOfferings

New power industry magazine, Renewable Energy World, profiles four patents that improve wind, tide and wave power production

Wind Systems magazine covers patented technology that uses wind and solar to generate electricity

First Bitcoin Capital Corp. announces agreement to acquire Bitcoin ATM/Kiosk Patent

Electronics Maker covers combination LED and smoke detector technology portfolio

OLED patent portfolio that includes 15 U.S. Patents and is available for acquisition from prestigious National Tsing Hua University

Global LEDs-OLEDs article addresses LED + smoke detector + intercom patent portfolio

Patent enables smart phones to offer multiple lines and other features formerly only available on business telephone systems

LEDs Magazine picks up release for LED bulbs and fixtures that are also smoke/CO/gas detectors

Patent Pipeline feature covers latest technologies in added security, greater access and increased data capacity for Internet-of-Things networks

Follow the Patent column features four patent portfolios that demonstrate how Smart Homes and Smart Offices and getting even smarter

Patent Pipeline feature covers latest patents for digital currency/cryptocurrency technologies

Follow the Patents column addresses patents that address the challenge of keeping data secure

IPOffering is appointed licensing agent by DNA Dynamics for its Bitcoin ATM Patent

New feature, Patent Pipeline, covers the latest patents in Internet-of-Things security

Follow the Patents column in Electric Light & Power addresses the marketing and competitive value of patents that is often overlooked

Battery Power magazine covers option purchased by Lithium Exploration Group for lithium battery portfolio brokered by IPOfferings

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power covers latest innovations in underground conduit

Patent Riff provides commentary on Alec Schibanoff’s article on Open Prosecution strategy

IP Watchdog features article on Open Prosecution strategy by IPOfferings’ Alec Schibanoff

Follow the Patent column addresses how the latest drone technologies and give an eagle eye’s view of the future

Intellectual Asset Management magazine reports on a patent acquisition by IP licensor and monetizor Erich Spangenberg of IPNav brokered by IPOfferings

Rave articles covers patent that enables viewers to watch a flat-screen TV from any angle

Follow the Patents Feature in Electric Light & Power addresses the challenge of balancing peak and off-peak power demand

EE Times’ article covers Internet-of-Things Patents and patent pricing

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power covers latest innovations in wind power

IPOfferings is included in “22 Marketplaces Where You Can Buy and Sell Patents”

IPOfferings Vice President is quoted in Internet-of-Things Blog

LED Inside covers new horticultural LED patent

LEDs Magazine profiles IPOfferings and LED patent that reduces assembly costs

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power profiles Internet-of-Things patents

UAS Magazine features Drone ID Patent Application

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power includes latest solar power innovations

Advanced Driver Assistance Module is covered in Electronics Maker

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power includes four electric meter innovations

Photonics Media, leading U.S. photographic industry trade magazine, covers optics patent represented by IPOfferings

Follow the Patents feature in Electric Light & Power covers four energy storage and distribution technologies

Opli Magazine, international publication covering cameras and optics, features nanoCam patent