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Production of Very Pure HMR and NTG Lignans (Montisera): International Patent Portfolio

Lignans are a little-known group of low molecular weight polyphenols that are derived from trees and other ligneous plants. HMR (hydroxymatairesinol) lignans are a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster that is used in by humans as well as dogs and cats. It is also an enterolactone precursor with anticancer activities. Testing has shown that HMR lignans decrease the volume of induced tumors and stabilize established tumors – and prevent the development of new tumors – in rats. HMR lignans and NTG (nortrachelogenin) lignans are also key ingredients in natural cosmetics that offer anti-aging properties. Research has shown promise for NTG lignans in treating prostate cancer.

The challenge is refining lignans through the fractionation of knotwood extract. This portfolio covers a process that in which hydrophilic extract is extracted with a lipophilic solvent that removes lipophilic impurities. The portfolio also covers the use of liquid-to-liquid extraction for the purification of hydrophilic knotwood extract. The patented process provides a purified extract that contains more than 90 % lignans, flavonoids, and stilbenes, and less than 10 % in impurities.

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