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Mineral Detection via Light Signature (Wilk): Three U.S. Patents

It is a common practice for miners to drill test holes before stripping away the overburden (the top layer of soil and rock) to determine if there are sufficient gold, silver, or other precious metal deposits that would make mining the area a profitable venture. Drilling dozens or even hundreds of test holes, pulling out the soil samples, marking each test sample with its location, and then testing all those samples, is expensive, time-consuming, and – ultimately – not totally accurate. There must be a better way to find the Mother Lode.

This portfolio covers three separate technologies for locating precious metal mineral deposits without the time, expense, and labor of drilling test holes. The first patent uses the plants and trees in the area. As the roots of the plants and trees bring nutrients from the ground and into the plant or tree, the root system also brings up trace elements of any precious metal deposits in the area. By burning branches of the plant or tree, the light signature (or “spectrum signature” as it also known) from the combustion will show the presence of gold, silver, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, uranium, iridium, and/or manganese and magnesium. The second patent covers technology for illuminating a target area with electromagnetic radiation to produce a light signature that can be analyzed to determine if there are mineral deposits. The third patent uses a laser directed at rocks and plants to create a light signature – possibly by vaporization. The light signature is analyzed with a spectroscope to detect the presence of specific metals.

Patent Portfolio

The technology covered by this portfolio will enable mining companies to more efficiently and rapidly develop valuable sources of rare earth and precious minerals. The portfolio is a critical acquisition that will empower a manufacturer of mineral testing devices or mining equipment to offer a second generation in of products for testing for precious metals to its customer base.

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