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Floor Drain Debris Filter (Hebert): U.S. Patent No. 8,679,328

It is a common site after heavy rain. Storm drains are clogged with leaves, branches, and other debris, totally defeating their purpose. The same thing happens to the floor drains at the bottom of stairs or a driveway going into a basement. Leaves and other debris build up on the grate, clog the drain, and the water that was supposed to be collected by the drain ends up in the basement, defeating the original purpose of the drain and making a mess.

The invention covered by this patent fixes that problem by creating a cover that goes over the drain. It catches leaves, trash, and other debris and holds it suspended over the grate of the drain, so the water falls through and is carried away. No flooded basement because debris clogged the floor drain. The patent describes a one-piece device that includes parallel vertical chambers with cross members. The vertical chambers create space between the cross members so debris is captured while the water (or other liquids) flows through to the drain. The device can be removed, cleaned off, and replaced as needed.

U.S. Patent No. 8,679,328 for a “Floor drain cover” would be a valuable acquisition for any supplier of safety flooring products, plumbing supplies, or other DYI products for the home.

Body-Inflatable Doll (iPlush): U.S. Patent No. 6,960,113

There are inflatable dolls in which the entire doll – including the arms, legs, and other appendages – are inflated at the same time. They are essentially a large balloon. Then there are stuffed dolls in which the insides of the doll are filled with a soft and flexible mass at the factory. Inflatable dolls lack the soft touch and feel of stuffed dolls, but they are cheaper to ship and store. Stuffed dollars are warm and fuzzy, but are expensive to store and ship. This patent creates a solution. It creates a warm and fuzzy doll that is shipped flat to save on space and costs. Just the body of the doll – not the arms, legs, and appendages – are inflated to create a large, lovable, doll or toy of any size, shape, configuration, or theme.

U.S. Patent No. 6,960,113 for an “Inflatable plush toy” is currently being used to create just such a line of inflatable dolls and toys. Two Claim Charts are available upon request that illustrate evidence-of-use by a national retailer and a major importer of children’s toys.

Non-Trivia Board Game (Arduini): U.S. Patent No. 8,985,583

Money Magazine ranks Trivial Pursuit as the seventh best-selling board game of all time. This patent creates a board game that is the alter-ego of Trivial Pursuit and that could become its major competitor. This patent describes a “non-trivia” board game in which the questions are not about pop culture, but about everyday stuff that each of us needs to know. The question cards include hidden answers that can be viewed through a polarized filter that slides over the card. The game includes different sets of rules that determine the speed of the game, its difficulty, how many dice are used, use of different tokens, and different playing lanes on the board. The patent includes a card container with finger wells for cards, and a detailed description of the answer to each question is provided so players can gain depth of knowledge and greater understanding of the subjects covered by the game, and stimulate more interest in, and understanding of, the subject!

In addition to U.S. Patent No. 8,985,583 for a “Non-trivia game and method of play,” the U.S. Trademark for Non-Trivia Quest® and other IP is also available for acquisition. The company that acquires this patent and trademark will have an exciting new board game that is ready to go to market!

Water Pick/Flosser that You Just Pick Up and Use (Zhang): U.S. Patent No. 10,064,710

We have to floss. We all get it. And using a water pick to floss and clean between your teeth is very effective and contributes to dental health. No argument. But setting up all that equipment? You have to find a place to put it, fill the tank with water, and then find a place to plug it in. Once you are done, you have to empty the tank, unplug it, and put it away. Really? Who has time for that?

Someone should invent a water pick that you just pick up and use. NO tank to fill and then have to empty. NO device to find a place for, and then find a place to plug it in. NO equipment to have to put away when you are done. Someone ought to invent an effective and affordable water pick and flossing tool that you just pick up like a toothbrush, use it to clean thoroughly between your teeth and gums, and then just put it back when you are done so you can go on about your busy life! Why doesn’t someone invent something like that?

Someone did! U.S. Patent No. 10,064,710 for an "Oral Hygiene Apparatus" creates a tooth-flossing tool that attaches to the water line coming into your bathroom sink. You just pick it up and use it. And when you are done, you put it back and walk away! Nothing to make room for in your bathroom. No tank to fill. No tank to empty. Nothing to plug in. Nothing to unplug! No batteries to replace. No machine to put away when you are done! Based on the technology behind the spray attachment on a kitchen sink, this water pick and flossing tool uses the water pressure going into the bathroom sink to create a powerful jet spray that cleans between your teeth and gums. Just pick it up and use it as you would your toothbrush. And put it away when you’re done!

The invention can be configured with multiple heads for multiple users, or it can be configured to have multiple units at a single sink. This patent would be a critical acquisition for any oral hygiene products manufacturer looking to create and own a new market segment, or an opportunity for any bathroom fixtures company to create and own a new bathroom sink product line!

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