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Control Systems for Robotics and Automation (Silva Viego): U.S. Patent No. 9,908,235

We’ve all seen photos and videos of robots welding parts on an auto factory assembly line or packing products into a carton. For repetitive tasks, robots are efficient and cost-effective, take no vacations or sick days, are never late, never complain and do not belong to a union. One of the reasons a robot never complains is because it has no feelings. But what if a robot had sensors that provided feedback on its operation and environment?

The invention covered by this patent does exactly that – it provides feedback via a robot to the network running the robot. This invention includes a control system for robotic and/or automated systems such as assembly lines. It addresses the problem of not knowing specifics about the system it is controlling but still being able to control the system by using a network of sensors to determine the respective angles and rates of change of those angles between the robot chassis and the components linked to that chassis. Such critical, real-time input would be very useful in systems that cannot have direct sensing at critical junctures. This patent creates a control system that is highly adaptable and versatile. It can be set up to control various systems with minimal modifications. Most robotic systems either do not know enough about the variations and limitations of their system’s components, or the feedback they receive is too general and non-specific, so it lacks the precision a truly advanced automation system needs.

U.S. Patent No. 9,908,235 for a “Robotic System” creates an advanced feedback system for any robotic or automated system that is uniquely simple to implement – yet is computationally very efficient – making maintenance of the system cheaper and easier. This patent would be a key acquisition for any robotics or controls manufacturer or integrator.

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