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Final Patent Value Quotient Report Shows Strong
Demand and Increased Pricing for U.S. Patents

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The Patent Value Quotient™ for calendar 2015 showed that patent sales were strong and prices were up over 2014! There were increases in both the Average Price Paid per Patent and the Median Price Paid per Patent over what we reported in the 2014 Patent Value Quotient Report. The 2015 report covers 23 patent transactions representing a wide range of technologies. You can download the Full Year 2015 Patent Value Quotient Report by completing the form on this page.

The Patent Value Quotient is the only report of its kind. IPOfferings – affirming its position as the leading U.S. patent broker – provided this valuable and timely service to the IP, innovation and business communities as a public service. Using public documents, USPTO assignments, SEC filings and other sources, we reported on all the patent transactions we could identify and confirm. We divide the dollar value of each transaction by the number of issued U.S. Patents to compute the “Quotient:” The Average Price Paid per Patent for each transaction.

Unfortunately, 2015 was the last year for this report. Most businesses have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep their patent acquisitions confidential to the point that IPOfferings is no longer able to develop reliable raw data from which it could produce this valuable and popular report. The Patent Value Quotient has been replaced with the Patent Demand Quotient™ Report. What this new, free report from IPOfferings covers is explained at the Patent Demand Quotient page.

We will email you the 2015 Patent Value Quotient as well as the reports for 2014, 2013 and 2012 to download by completing this form.

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