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Measuring Conceptual Proximity among People in Social Networks (Poltorak): Four U.S. Patents and Application

Jeff and Sarah both like hiking, camping and the outdoors, but Jeff is a steak-eater and Sarah is a vegan. Sam and Megan are both church-goers and play tennis, but Sam drives a bus and Megan is a clinical psychologist. Matching people with similar – but also dissimilar – characteristics and interests is a challenge for any social networking or dating site. And it is an equally daunting challenge for advertisers who need to put their messages in front of prospects with exactly the right demographics and interests.

This patent portfolio creates a dataset for an individual – age, gender, race, religious beliefs, political affiliations, location, income, education, interests and other factors. Based on that dataset, the individual’s location is determined within a multi-dimensional space in which each dimension represents one of the factors in the dataset. In essence, each person is plotted on a multi-dimensional grid that reflects all of that person’s characteristics, traits and interests. Distances between that person and other people who have also been plotted based on their characteristics, traits and interests are computed. Intelligent decisions can then be made regarding each individual as a friend or date suggestion, and advertisers can make more precise selections regarding prospecive customers for their products and services.

Patent No.Patent Title
8,930,385Relevance estimation and actions based thereon
9,886,495Relevance estimation and actions based thereon
9,485,313Relevance estimation and actions based thereon
9,886,495Relevance estimation and actions based thereon
15/863,692Relevance estimation and actions based thereon (application)

The company that acquires this portfolio will own the next generation in the science of social networking based on demographics and personal interests. This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any social networking or dating site, or for any digital advertiser seeking better matching of its messages with prospective customers.

Natural Language Processing for Pull Advertising (Richfield): Two U.S. Patents

Imagine being able to reach a prospective buyer for your products and services just when that buyer is ready to make a buying decision! For example, when Jeff mentions that his tires are worn, he learns about a special on tires from your company. Shortly after Sarah mentions that she is considering taking a singles cruise for her upcoming vacation, information about your company’s cruise packages shows up. When Fred expresses a need for dental implants to repair facial injuries he incurred in an auto accident, information about your company’s affordable dental services appears!

Rather than waste time advertising to people who do not need tires, are not thinking vacation, and have no interest in dental implants, why not advertise to just those prospects who are ready to make a buying decision? The technology covered by this portfolio – originally used to diagnose chronic illnesses from heath statements – is far more accurate and selective than the current “bag of words” method, but it has the same computational efficiency. Imagine how much more effective every one of your advertising dollars would be if your marketing only addressed interested prospects for your products and services.

The ability to do exactly this exists, and it is covered by this patent portfolio. It creates a technology that scans forum, blog, and social media postings across the Internet and identifies those who have expressed a problem – like where to go for a good deal on tires, who offers the best singles cruises, or where to go for dental implants. From the data that is gathered and parsed down to the needs of the user, personalized replies are produced that contain pertinent and useful information about exactly what the prospect is seeking. Replies can be routed through selected intermediaries in a way that establishes a personal relationship between the prospect and the intermediary based on common experiences with the same problem.

Patent No.Title
8,788,263Natural language processing for analyzing internet content and finding solutions to needs expressed in text
9,805,018Natural language processing for analyzing internet content and finding solutions to needs expressed in text

The company that acquires this portfolio will be able to offer its client highly pinpointed and incredibly efficient marketing services with an excellent lead-to-buyer conversion ratio!

Multi-Party Communication in a Network (Uranus International): Six U.S. Patents

These six patents disclose existing Internet meeting solutions with priority dates from 2007 and a vision for future Presence Awareness technology. The portfolio includes core functionalities which allow: Presence Awareness enhances the user experience and increases user stickiness to the website or meeting provider, reducing churn. The technology shows typing character-by-character and drawing as it progresses in real-time. Participants see each other's pointers to provide true Presence Awareness, while not revealing faces by video. Since Internet meetings are mostly paid subscription services, this technology generates revenue. 
Patent No. Title
7,765,261 Method, apparatus, system, medium and signals for supporting a multiple-party communication on a plurality of computer servers
7,765,266 Method, apparatus, system, medium, and signals for publishing content created during a communication
7,950,046 Method, apparatus, system, medium, and signals for intercepting a multiple –party communication
8,060,887 Method, apparatus, system, and medium for supporting multiple-party communications
8,627,211Method, apparatus, system, medium, and signals for supporting pointer display in a multiple-party communication
8,702,505Method, apparatus, system, medium, and signals for supporting game piece movement in a multiple-party communication;

This portfolio would be a key asset to companies engaged in web hosting, web conferencing, tele-conferencing, instant messaging, chat engines, online gaming, e-commerce, web publishing and/or law enforcement.

Social Networking Platform for Investors (Zellman): U.S. Patent Nos. 8,458,084 and 8,458,085 “Investor Social Network Website”

These patents disclose a technology that provides a dedicated online social networking system for users interested in discussing investments:

  • Educational tools for users to learn more about investing
  • Synopsis of market data related to an investment
  • Data tracking for a user’s investments
  • Formation of investor groups
  • Sharing of information about a market product with other users
  • Research tools and online financial instrument

These patents would be a key acquisition for stock exchanges, brokerage firms, financial technology companies, and mobile phone app, website and social network developers.

PHOTOESCROW – Secure Sharing of Photos Images and Other Files (DES): U. S. Patent No. 8,332,318 “Method and System for the Anonymous Exchange and Verification of Electronic Files in Escrow over a Computer Network” U.S. Trademark Registration 3715095

This patent-copyright package covers technology and a brand name for the exchange of electronic files to occur anonymously, and provides the receiving parties involved in the transaction with a way to verify that the files contain the desired information without actually obtaining the files. The invention covered by the patent offers a method for partially revealing the content of such a document to the second party while still keeping the majority of the information secret, with neither party having to identify itself to the system or to the other partner.

This patent, supported by the trademark, has significant value to any social networking website!

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