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Improved Circuit Operations for FinFET Devices (Stephens): Portfolio of Seven U.S. Patents

This cutting-edge portfolio covers technology that facilitates and improves the performance of multi-gate FinFET (Fin Field-Effect Transistor) devices. The invention enables calibration or adjustment of the operation of dual-gate transistors such as those used in a sense amplifier or input receiver configuration, overcoming input offset and related issues. Input offset and transistor behavior matching – particularly at lower voltages and with increasingly smaller device geometrics – can cause inconsistent or incorrect circuit operation. This portfolio directly addresses and solves those potential problems!

Patent No.Description
9,286,955Semiconductor memory device having calibration circuitry for dual-gate transistors associated with a memory array
9,304,525Reference level adjustment for calibration of dual-gate transistors
9,344,080Dual-gate transistor control based on calibration circuitry
9,455,001Semiconductor memory device having calibration circuitry for dual-gate transistors associated with a memory array
9,601,167Semiconductor device having dual-gate transistors and calibration circuitry
9,806,708Reference level adjustment for calibration of dual-gate transistors
9,906,218Dual-gate transistor control based on calibration circuitry

The technology covered by this portfolio enables circuits to be tested from each side (its expected output state) to determine calibration results that can significantly reduce or totally eliminate potential matching problems. Current technology can only test one expected output state, and that limits the level of calibration or correction that is possible. This portfolio’s technology is more detailed so it is far more accurate when correcting offset and/or mismatch problems, important factors in today’s higher-performance, smaller-geometry, lower-voltage operations.

This portfolio would be a critical acquisition that would give the acquirer of the portfolio a patent-protected competitive advantage in high performance applications such as SRAM, NAND and flash devices.

High-Speed, Truly Random Number Generator (Scarlett): U.S. Patent No. 9,971,568 and PCT, European, Chinese and Japanese Patent Applications

There are random acts of kindness, but there is also a need for randomness for many computer applications – from running simulations to encryption to artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The invention covered by this portfolio uses birefringent splitting, a process that is quantum mechanical in nature and known to be unpredictable. A series of layers take a beam of photons and randomly shuffle the energy so that the output is a random light intensity. Pairing this with a pixel detector produces 250 simultaneous streams of 1-2GHz random data.

This portfolio includes U.S. Patent No. 9,971,568 for the "Generation of random numbers through the use of quantum-optical effects within a mirror cavity system" as well as PCT Patent Application 2016141192, European Patent Application 3265906, Chinese Patent Application 107408033 and Japanese Patent Application 2018513506.

There is currently no device that meets the random data requirements of high-performance computers. The device created by this invention will permit its integration into data centers, or it could be scaled down to a chip-level device that can be incorporated into numerous computing solutions. This portfolio provides an opportunity for high-performance super computer manufacturers, chip manufacturers, fiber optics infrastructure providers and hard drive OEMs to provide an added-value service for its customer base.

Grain of Salt Size Chip that Determines Precise Color Wavelength (Raindance): U.S. Patent No. 7,061,610

In the never-ending search for more bandwidth, color multiplexing has become a common practice. Rather than add more fiber optic cable – which means running more conduit – the same fiber optic cable can transmit multiple data streams on different colors. And not just Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet, but hundreds of colors, each just a slight wavelength different from another color. And it works great just as long as a color does not go slightly off from what it is supposed to be, and network data from a major bank ends up on a call to your mom in Miami.

U.S. Patent No. 7,061,610 for a "Photonic Integrated Circuit Based Planar Wavelength Meter" covers a chip the size of a grain of salt that accurately measures the wavelength of a beam of light. In addition to its usefulness in fiber optic communications monitoring and quality control, it has other applications. It can be used to diagnose an illness by determining the exact color of a drop of blood, for example. It also has consumer applications. The chip can be inserted in a cell phone so your mom can use her cell phone to check the freshness of fruits and vegetables at the market. This patent would be a strategic acquisition for any business in the fiber optics, medical devices or cell phone industries.

Advanced Electronic Systems Testing (Salmon Technologies): U.S. Patent No. 7,505,862 “Apparatus and Method for Testing Electronic Systems"

This patent covers advanced testing of electronic systems and covers:

This is a strategic patent related to PXI products. Manufacturers of electronic devices including mobile phone, gaming consoles, kitchen gadgets, television, laptops/computers, as well as companies providing testing services would all benefit from this patented technology. An Evidence-of-Use Chart is available for this patent.

Ball Grid Array Components and Systems (Salmon Technologies): Five U.S. Patents

This portfolio covers Ball Grid Array (BGA) based integration platforms, water cooling using copper substrates, repairable stacked die structures employing copper pillars, copper sheathed semi-hermetic micro blades adapted for aggressive water cooling, and synthesized binary layers that enable advanced material properties.

Patent No.Description
7,408,258Interconnection circuit and electronic module utilizing same
7,427,809Repairable three-dimensional semiconductor subsystem
7,535,107Tiled construction of layered materials
7,254,024Cooling apparatus and method
7,586,747Scalable subsystem architecture having integrated cooling channels

The market for these applications is experiencing significant growth driven by increased demand for electronic devices including smart phones, laptops, TVs and servers. This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for semiconductor device fabricators, electronics manufacturers (especially those using WLCSP), 3D electronic packaging companies, compact and reliable water cooled electronics OEMs, and designers and manufacturers of semiconductor structures optimized for rework. This portfolio comes with Evidence-of-Use.

High-Speed Semiconductors (QinetiQ): Six U.S. Patents and One U.S. Patent Application.

The patents in this portfolio cover technologies that are central to applications such as wireless and optical communications, high-speed computing, and high-speed/high-power electronic switching. This patent portfolio covers improved structures for semiconductor devices with following advantages:

Patent No.Description
6,498,354Single charge carrier transistor, method of holding a charge carrier within a quantum dot, and method of detection
6,624,451High frequency field effect transistor with carrier extraction to reduce intrinsic conduction
6,770,902Charge carrier extracting transistor
7,173,292Field effect transistor
7,960,755Strained quantum-well semiconductor devices
8,575,595P-type semiconductor devices

Potential acquirers of this portfolio include communications, computer, server, automotive, consumer, gaming or logic integrated circuits (IC) OEMs.

Non-Contact Testing of Integrated Circuits (Scanimetrics): Ten U.S. Patents, Four U.S. Patent Applications and 25 Foreign Patents

This portfolio covers non-contact testing for electronic circuits in integrated circuits (IC). Conventional IC fabrication methods include forming a plurality of ICs by successive deposition of various materials on to a wafer, then dicing the wafer into separate ICs and finally testing the ICs before packaging. The IP portfolio discloses technology that provides multiple advantages:

Patent No.Description
6,759,863Wireless radio frequency technique design and method for testing of integrated circuits and wafers
6,885,202Non-contact tester for electronic circuits
7,109,730Non-contact tester for electronic circuits
7,183,788Wireless radio frequency technique design and method for testing of integrated circuits and wafers
8,028,208Wireless radio frequency technique design and method for testing of integrated circuits and wafers
8,125,237Thin film transistor array having test circuitry
8,362,587Ultra high speed signal transmission/reception interconnect
8,362,481Ultra high speed signal transmission/reception
8,373,429Method and apparatus for interrogating an electronic component
8,390,307Method and apparatus for interrogating an electronic component

Potential acquirers of this portfolio include IC fabricators, IC testing companies, and smart device, medical device and electronic circuit OEMs.

Semiconductor Devices for Optical Communications (QuinetiQ-5) - Portfolio of Six Patent Families - 6,682,657, 6,829,278, 6,879,604, 6,931,033, 7,589,347, 7,639,950

Semiconductor devices, e.g. waveguides, and the relevant manufacturing processes are a major part of the rapidly expanding optical data communications market.

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