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New Technology for Producing Collagen (Malinin): U.S. Patent No. 9,737,590

Collagen is used in cosmetic surgery, wound care, filling tissue voids and for regeneration of damaged structure. This patent describes a method of producing pure collagen from source material of various tissues – both human and animal – that can be used for a variety of therapeutic and cosmetic applications. The technology covered by this patent enables collagen fibers to be separated from freeze-dried tissues by a magnetic field in a liquid medium. This method induces collagen fibers to self-assemble and produce gels, paste membranes and various other configurations. An additional benefit is that the patented process does not depend on harsh chemical treatment such as hydrolysis or harsh physical treatment. This technology is superior to currently available techniques because it can utilize human tissues as source material and because it can produce collagen without cross-linking.

U.S. Patent No. 9,737,590 for "Self-assembly of collagen fibers from dermis, fascia and tendon for tissue augmentation and coverage of wounds and burns" would be a strategic acquisition for any biomedical or pharmaceutical company that is currently producing regeneration products as it would give this company a critical competitive advantage by enabling it to offer a new and unique variety of collagen products.

Colon Cancer Screening (Lee): Three U.S. Patents

Despite the popularity and increased use of colonoscopies, 50,000 people will die in the U.S. from colon cancer this year. This portfolio covers a technology that replaces the traditional colonoscopy with a test that effectively detects the earliest stage of colon cancer, and also detects large and still-benign polyps. Unlike a colonoscopy, this test does not require bowel preparation or anesthesia. The technology covered by this portfolio – which is supported by several published studies – detects highly altered mRNA activity from a simple rectal smear.

Patent No.Title
8,883,440Method to predict or diagnose a gastrointestinal disorder or disease
9,353,420Method to predict or diagnose a gastrointestinal disorder or disease
10,011,879Method to predict or diagnose a gastrointestinal disorder or desease

The company that acquires this portfolio will be able to offer an affordable test that accurately and reliably detects the earliest instance of colon cancer without the cost, time and inconvenience of a colonoscopy. The Prospectus includes the published studies that support this patented technology.

Alternate Treatment for Colon Cancer (System C): International Patent Portfolio

Until just recently, all cancer treatments were either chemotherapy or radiation. This portfolio covers a non-chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer that uses the cognitive ability of the brain to fundamentally cure a disease. The inventor – a physician – tested the concept on his patients with good results. The patents in the portfolio call for pre-surgery administration over a period of days of haloperidol, ascorbic acid, calcium pantothenate, and a solution of maltose, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium hydrogen phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, anhydrous sodium acetate and maltose monohydrate. That is followed with Luvox and sodium ferrous citrate if the patient is anemic. This treatment, pre-surgery, enhances the cognitive ability of the brain to guide the body’s organs and systems to cure itself from cancer.

Patent Portfolio

The PCT Application is currently inactive, but it could re re-activated and used to secure additional, national patents. Most importantly, the specific medications that comprise the total treatment have either no or very minor side effects, so the prescribed treatment is a Low Risk/High Reward proposition! This portfolio would be a critical acquisition for any pharmaceutical company!

Anti-Cancer Drug (Pehlivan): PCT Patent Application 2016178099

The purpose of chemotherapy and radiation is to damage cancer cells. However, the enzyme Tyrosyl DNA Phosphodiesterase 1 – that occurs naturally in the body – tries to repair those cells, minimizing the effectiveness of these cancer treatments. This PCT Patent Application covers a new drug, Nano Floro Tricyclohexane, that inhibits this enzyme from repairing damaged cancer cells, dramatically improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation treatments! The patents derived from this singe application will be worth tens of millions of dollars!

A PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) Patent Application can be prosecuted into an issued Patent in any of the over 150 nations that are parties to the treaty, so this single patent application can become a granted Patent in every industrialized nation! The inventor and assignee of the patent application has gone as far as he can with the application, and he is seeking a buyer to take over prosecution of the PCT Patent Application and invest in the validity testing and clinical trials that will be required to take this new drug to market. This drug will be to cancer what Penicillin was to infection diseases!

Treatment of Speech Apraxia and Gait Disorder (Gilrose Pharmaceuticals): Ten U.S. Patents, Two PCT Patent Applications and One U.S. Patent Application

This portfolio covers a new application for an existing drug for the treatment of brain disorders known as Pre-Frontal Processing Disorder (PFD). This condition is defined by the inability of the pre-frontal cortex to integrate sensory input with motor output. This drug can be used to treat Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Autism-spectrum sufferers with Speech Apraxia and Gait Disorder.

Patent No.Title
8,883,815Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Impaired Speech in Children
9,089,563Method of Treating Apraxia of Speech on Children
9,155,502Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Impaired Speech in Children
9,161,718Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Impaired Speech in Children
9,220,712Pharmaceutical Intervention and Method for Treating an Apraxia Of Speech in Children
9,307,942Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Gait Impairment
9,333,198Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Gait Impairment
9,375,421Pharmaceutical Intervention for Treating an Apraxia of Speech in Children
9,408,838Treatment for Cerebral Palsy Gait Impairment
9,682,073Pre-Frontal Cortex Processing Disorder Gait and Limb Impairments Treatment
Application No.Title
WO2015061125Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Impaired Speech in Children
WO2017007577Pre-Frontal Cortex Processing Disorder, Gait and Limb Impairment Treatment
US 15/596,075Combination of Drug that Treats a Disorder Wherein the Drug Affects a Gait or Limb Impairment with an NDRI

The acquirer of this portfolio will have to invest in clinical trials, but it will have a drug it can take to market to treat over 100 million sufferers worldwide.

Drug Stabilization (Pharmain): Seven U.S. Patents and Five Foreign Patents

This multi-national patent portfolio focuses on improving delivery of proteins and peptides by providing a novel biocompatible sustained release formulation. Sustained release formulations create a steady drug release profile making the drug substance available over an extended period of time following injection. In addition to the seven U.S. Patents, this portfolio includes two European patents and a Canadian, an Australian and a Japanese patent.

U.S. Patent No. 7,138,105, "Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials, and Methods of Making and Using the Same," relates to a composition which overcomes the problem associated with stability of proteins and peptides. U.S. Patent No. 7,589,169, "Compositions for Treatment with Glucagon-Like PepTide, and Methods of Making and Using the Same," focuses on sustained drug delivery of glucagon-like peptide 1 (or "GLP-1"), and can be used in diabetes mellitus as it helps in regenerating islet cells in diabetic animals.

The market for proteins and peptides has witnessed strong growth in the past few years as proteins and peptides are used for treatment and diagnosis of various disorders such as clotting factor, diabetes, hormonal disorders, cancer, and others. This portfolio would be an excellent acquisition for businesses that provide drugs and/or treatment for these diseases and disorders.

Issued U.S. Patents

Patent No.Description
7,138,105Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials, and Methods of Making and Using the Same
7,589,169Compositions for Treatment with Glucagon-Like Peptide, and Methods of Making and Using the Same
7,635,463Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials
7,790,140Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials, and Methods of Making and Using the Same
8,231,859Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials
8,257,682Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials
8,277,776Compositions for Delivery of Therapeutics and Other Materials

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