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Pre-Cast Magnetic and Site-Cast Tilt-Up Framework Systems (SRB Systems): Extensive Portfolio of U.S. and Foreign Patents and Patent Applications

This extensive portfolio covers concrete formwork systems for use on steel casting tables in precast factories and formwork systems that use “stack casting” pre-cast elements for tilt-up construction, as well as a concrete edge lifting anchor system that offers many advantages over current existing anchors. In addition to the utility and design patents and patent applications, the portfolio includes significant technology transfer potential and access to Asian manufacturers with readily available tools, castings and molds.

Two exemplary properties are U.S. Patent Nos. 6,247,677 and 7,204,471, both titled "Method and Arrangement for Forming Construction Panels and Structures," that cover technology for formwork for on-site casting of concrete construction panels that include set-back buttresses fixed to the work site surface and set-back buttresses that support sliding risers and are released and moved to and from the workform location.

This technology is a strategic acquisition for a construction company, construction consortium or construction management enterprise, especially those constructing primarily concrete structures and projects.

Low Dielectric Constant (Air Products and Chemicals): Three U.S. Patents

These patents relate to a material suitable for use, for example, in electronic devices. More specifically, the invention relates to a composition for making a low dielectric performance material or film comprising 15 same having an improved elastic modulus and a low dielectric constant.

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,122,880, 7,294,585 and 7,482,676 for “Compositions for preparing low dielectric materials” would be a valuable asset for any business that designs for manufactures high-value capacitors.

Patent No. 6,639,214, “Method of improving the performance of an ion mobility spectrometer used to detect trace atmospheric impurities in gases,” is a method for eliminating interference when analyzing a test sample of a bulk inert gas in an ion mobility spectrometer is disclosed which includes the steps of providing an ionization source for the spectrometer to form ions of the bulk inert gas, mixing a reagent gas with the test sample prior to entry into the spectrometer to alter the nature of the ions formed by the bulk inert gas to shift the location of a bulk inert gas mobility peak such that a bulk inert gas mobility peak does not overlap with an impurity mobility peak of the ions of a trace impurity of interest, whereby bulk inert gas ions are quenched and a clusters of the reagent gas and the bulk gas are formed.

Patent No. 6,686,594, “An on-line halogen analyzer system and method of use for semiconductor processing effluent monitoring,” is a system that includes sampling the effluent stream into an absorption cell, and passing UV-Visible light through the effluent sample in the cell. After passing through the sample the light is collected by a photo detector for real-time wavelength-selective absorption analysis.

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