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Drone-to-Ground Image and Message Communications (Verna): U.S. Patent No. 8,970,400

Wouldn’t it be critically helpful if citizens could be quickly and efficiently notified about natural disasters, fires, traffic accidents, terrorist attacks and other events? This patent establishes a “Civil Communications Hub” that does exactly that. Images from a drone are transmitted to a server, and information that the public needs to know is transmitted to a pre-determined list of recipients. The transmitted information consists of images and multilingual messages that are received on the recipients’ smartphones and other hand-held devices. Recipients can immediately forward messages to family members, co-workers, friends, neighbors and others who need to know about the specific event.

The invention covered by this patent creates an efficient method of communicating images from a drone to those who need to know. The technology could be used by utility companies to send employees in the field images of a fire, earthquake, traffic accident or other event they need to know about, or for volunteer fire companies to send images to their members of a fire or natural disaster. It can be used to notify homeowners about a fire, flood or other disaster endangering their homes, including images of the exact location of the disaster. U.S. Patent No. 8,970,400 for an "Unmanned Vehicle Civil Communications Systems and Methods" would be a valuable asset for any drone/UAV manufacturer as a value-added service it can offer its customers, or for a cellular phone operator as an additional service for its subscribers.

Precise Drone Delivery System (Intelligent Innovation): One U.S. Patent and Three Design Patent Applications

This portfolio takes drone delivery of products to a new level. U.S. Patent No. 9,412,280 for a "Cooperative System and Method for Precise Autonomous Delivery" covers the high-accuracy delivery of products to desired locations by drones through an inexpensive and easy-to-implement navigation system.

It ensures precise delivery to a specific location selected by a customer. The landing zone uses a unique machine-readable identifier that requires no power or maintenance. The customer simply places the identifier where he or she wants delivery of an item, scans the unique identifier using a smartphone app, and sends the unique identifier image along with the geophysical location of the smartphone to the seller. This information is fed to a drone that navigates to the location using GPS, then searches for the unique identifier to deliver the package to the exact location requested by the customer!

The portfolio also includes three U.S. Design Patent Applications, and would be a strategic acquisition for any retailer or e-commerce business that delivers physical products to its customers.

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