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The newest contribution to the corporate and IP communities is the Patent Demand Quotient™ report. The 2016 Patent Demand Quotient Reports identifies the top 200 acquirers of patents in calendar 2016. There is a free Summary Report, and a Comprehensive Report that can be purchased.

The Patent Demand Quotient Summary Report shows the top 200 companies that purchased patents in 2016, and the number of U.S. properties (both granted Patents and Patent Applications) each company acquired in 2016. What companies are actively acquiring patents? patent demandThis free report has the data!

The Patent Demand Quotient Comprehensive Report shows what patent properties the top 200 companies purchased in 2016. This report provides the Patent Number or Application Number of each and every Patent or Patent Application acquired in 2016, along with the title of the property. In what technologies are companies acquiring patents? The Comprehensive Report has this incredibly valuable intelligence, and it can be purchased for $450.

You can request a free copy of the 2016 Patent Demand Quotient Summary Report by completing this form.

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